2 Comments on “Take 6 Performs with The Manhattan Transfer and Nnenna Freelon at Catalina Jazz Club – December 9th!”

  1. Omg I’ve loved these guys for years! They are by far the best gospel, jazz, soul and acapela EVER to do it.
    They came to Northride,Ca and I finally got a chance to see them live along with Manhattan Transfer who is also amazing. This was an electric experience for me as a Christian woman. I felt like this experience was a straight gift from God and I’m elated to have lived to witness the power of their voices through Christ. I also got a chance to do the meet and greet and all I could do was smile. They were so warm and welcoming . Those smiles just melted me. You can tell these guys are from another dimension and are in this world but not of it. I’m not claiming them perfect because I don’t know them personally but my goodness the aura they exuded was heavenly!! Handsome for DAYS too..every last one. David you are BOMB! Your voice is one of a kind! Thank you for sharing your gift to a sinner like me.
    Joey your smile can light up a stadium and it put light inside my heart where it had dimmed. Bless you for that!
    Mark your song has guided me through countless downs and has lifted me higher in the Lord. I can’t tell you what an inspiration the real soul in your voice has been to me. You’re just plain beautiful.
    Claude thank you for your immense talent and the pic was super cool.
    Alvin the epitome of class and that bass hits the bottom brotha!! You were gracious to me. Thank You!
    Khristian you are the newest to me but your presence was felt. You made me blush because of your smile. Very cool.
    I’d also like to give a very special about out to the OG Mervyn Warren. Yes he did that back in the day with y’all! His voice is also echtched in my spirit.
    Cedric can’t forget about you. You came thru with your magic too. On point!
    Ok so I’m sorry its so long but this has been like fire in my bones and I just had to tell somebody!! Love you guys always have and always will.

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