5 Comments on “Mark Kibble Takes Home a GRAMMY”

  1. Hi Mark, this is Everett ‘Ricky’ Green, I was part of the team that brought you to Jamaica and the one that got the call from your road manager and made the 115 miles drive in the dead of night to sort out the problem.
    Take 6 is the poster group of excellence in practice and I you have been doing great work over the years and that Grammy was long overdue but we know how it is. Congrats and see you in Jamaica soon

  2. I first heard them in late 1980’s when I was in my 20s and since then I have been a fan. By far, they’re the best vocal group ever, A cappella or otherwise. Very inspiring and uplifting music. I’ve seen them in Blue Notes in Napa and Oahu and they kept getting better overtime. I ran into Mark Kibble after their Hawaii concert to request a particular song for the next concert and he was so nice and courteous. I’m now in my late 50’s and hope to see more of them for a long long time. Me and my wife can’t wait for their July 12, 2019 concert in Oxnard, which happened to be my birthday… a great gift for myself.

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