ICONIC Hits #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart!

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Wow. To officially see ICONIC doing so well is incredibly heartwarming. Big thanks to everyone involved with this project – Claude Villani, Ed Keane, Michael Cusanelli, Bud Harner, the entire SRG team, and especially our fans. Love you all!

6 Comments on “ICONIC Hits #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart!”

  1. Congratulations, well deserved! I wish Take 6 would record your version of Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed”. I thoroughly enjoyed your show in Galveston recently, and your performance of this song was unbelievable. I have since searched everywhere thinking surely I could buy a CD with this song included, but for now I have to be content with Youtube videos that lack the proper sound to do you justice.

  2. First want to say that I LOVE YOU GUYS! I’ve been a fan since the Gold mine days and I will forever be. My favorite tracks on Iconic are Change The Word and Don’t Know Why. I thoroughly enjoy the your earlier version of All This Love too. Sometimes I just loop it and chill to it.

    Anyway I came here to say that I heard a song that sounded like you guys and I ran to look it up thinking I missed a new release and it was the group Accent and the song was I Was Wondering. Now I know accapella can sound somewhat similar but NO. When I looked up the cd the cover art looked just like your first cd then I knew they were tryna jack your style. NOBODY has ever done it better than Take 6 and I’m not sure anybody else ever can.


    Your biggest fan❤

    1. Pleasure to see you here Zoeie. Long time no see or hear.

      Why are your favorite tracks on Iconic, Change The Word and Don’t Know Why?

      I just told my sister to check out Take 6.

  3. The music itself and the attendant display, in relatiing and relaying the intended vision, is uniquely complex but so entertaining. True Art.

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